Art Glassworld Welcomes you

Art Glassworld
Welcomes you

We at art glassworld are professional stained glass specialists offering over 37 years of continuous stained glass expertise and service.

We specialize in all disciplines of stained glass including: Ecclesiastical, Architectural and Modern Stained Glass Windows. We take pride in our use of medieval and/or modern techniques as we apply them to traditional stained glass designs and contemporary, abstract concepts for home or office décor, restaurants, churches and hotels.

Tiffany and tiffany style lampshades - we stock over 50 authentic tiffany designs and moulds, used exclusively for our valued clients and students, never losing sight of our "true to tiffany" mission statement. Faithful and caring restoration of damaged stained glass windows and tiffany lamps.

Classes and courses in stained glass and fusing and slumping - we absolutely love sharing our knowledge and studios with eager and talented students.

Stained glass supplies including tools, equipment and of course, glass Sandblasting of glass for use in our own projects and also for other glass suppliers we specialise in customising decorative designs and logos for windows, doors, mirrors, wineglasses etc.

Since the inca's discovered what heat can do to silica man has always been fascinated by the beauty of light falling through glass. Various colours are the result of different oxides and elements in the basic material when heat is applied as emerged after the inca fires cooled and the first shiny pieces of glass emerged.