About Us

Ulandi, the owner, started out as an Art Glassworld student. In 2016 she purchased Art Glassworld with its excellent reputation and resources from a well-known stained glass specialist, Barbara Bennett. Prior to this she had her own consulting business and won the South African Council of Business Woman Entrepreneur Award. She brings her business skills and, like any other woman, a passion for beautiful things.

Louise joined the studio in 2011 after working overseas. Louise has a wonderful flair for stained glass and design and is extremely capable in giving advice and managing our projects. She is excellent in running with our training workshops and loves sharing her knowledge with our students.

Johannes enjoys being part of our big projects, seeing the project through to the end where he does the installation and stand back proud of the deliverable.

Known to us as Sasa, she is skilled in all aspects of this business but particularly good with restorations.