What We Do

Stained Glass projects assisting you from the concept to the design, selection of glass, manufacturing and then installation of the final product. These include projects like:

  • stained glass windows using mostly came to ensure strength and longevity;
  • stained glass windows for smaller spaces like cupboards;
  • tiffany lamps;
  • stained glass lampshades;
  • sun catchers;
  • terrariums, etc.

We stock over 50 authentic tiffany designs and moulds, used exclusively for our valued clients and students. We never lose sight of the "true to tiffany" statement, to deliver a stained glass lamp of superior quality and craftsmanship.

Decorative Sandblasting where you can bring us a design and in consultation with you, we will agree on what is best suited for your requirement. We can replicate the design and deliver it sandblasted. As glass is our business, we can supply the glass and do the installation for you.

Glass Fusing and Slumping is the exciting space where you can see how something as simple as glass is transformed by heat, using our kilns, into the most beautiful pieces that you could either use or just display. We have a large variety of moulds, enamels and paints that enables us to provide in your needs.

Faithful and caring Restorations are done of damaged stained glass windows, tiffany lamps, stained glass lamps and other pieces of stained glass art.

In Our Shop

Stained Glass:

We stock a wide variety stained glass in beautiful colours from various manufacturers. All glass is imported.

Stained Glass Supplies:

We supply various tools needed for stained glass projects - Grinders, solder irons, cutters, breaking pliers, running pliers, etc. You can also purchase equipment from us such as flux, copper foil, patina, came, cutting oil, etc.

Off cuts for Mosaic work:

Mosaic artists buy our stained glass off cuts for their projects. It really adds a uniqueness to this beautiful art.

Unique gifts:

We do sell completed items in our shop. All items are handmade. The uniqueness is that no one else will have one the same as yours. We have items in stock such as:

  • Stained glass lampshades
  • Colourful glass bowls
  • Slump glass bowls
  • Glass pendants from dichroic glass
  • Wall art